Grower Newsletters

July 2019

Approximately 400 growers entrust their crop to Green Farms Nut Company each year, testament to the level of service and prices they receive. Our factories across key growing regions are in full steam toward a strong season.

June 2019

The 2019 macadamia season already passed the halfway mark and the market looks buoyant all round, kernel and in-shell included. South Africa is on track to deliver its forecasted 58 500 mt tons. Disappointingly the Australian crop is significantly down this year, which is likely to have a small positive knock on effect on prices.

February 2019

Preparation for the new season is well underway - our facilities will start processing the new crop soon - in what we forecast to be another great year for the macadamia industry. SAMAC estimates a record South African crop of 58 500 tons in 2019. Farmers report good hanging crops with hopefully improved quality.

2018 Interim Market Report

This report intends to offer an informed opinion on macadamia market trends using statistics from leading industry bodies together with analysis from Green & Gold Macadamias (G&G). It aims to set the context for our end of season report, which once the 2018 season data is available, will include recommendations around how to best manage purchasing requirements for 2019.

September 2018

As we are nearing the end of the 2018 harvest it seems fitting that we reflect and update you on the current macadamia nut market. Green Farms Nut Company (Pty) Ltd made the decision to limit our volumes to China to less than 10% this season, when we foresaw a possible escalation of the Trade War between China and the USA.

14th August 2018

We believe Green & Gold’s strategy of selling across all markets globally is helping us build global demand and our outlook for the 2019 season is positive. Some of our larger customers have already indicated their demand is still steady and growing despite the record prices for the 2018 season! Good news indeed.

12th July 2018

GFNC has made the strategic decision to crack more inshell than originally forecast. Our sales budget was originally around 22% as inshell to China. We will likely reduce this to 15%. Kernel sales continue to go very well however considering we sell our kernel predominantly to retail and food manufactures payment is slower than inshell to China.

29th June 2018

Due the continued Rand weakness the management team at Green Farms Nut Company would like to let you know that we have revised our Rand/$ currency payments to R12.70/$ for all invoices that will be processed from the 1st July 2018 onwards. A significant proportion of the forex for the 2018 season remains uncovered so this revised rate is conservative.

June 25th 2018

Macadamias are extensively exported into China through "grey channels", which are used to avoid high import duties into the country. Due to the ongoing trade and tariff duty conflict between the US and China, Chinese authorities have clamped down on all "grey channels". This is to ensure China's retaliation tariffs imposed on the US have the intended effect. Unfortunately, macadamias appear to be caught in this cross-fire.

June 2018

We are pleased to share insights and learnings gathered recently at the Annual International Nut Congress, hosted 21-23 May in Seville, Spain. As the largest gathering of key players from the nut industry we attend every year on behalf of our growers to learn about latest developments in the macadamia industry.

31st May 2018

The Management team at Green Farms Nut Company would like to let you know that we have revised our Rand/$ currency payment from the original offer of R11.70 to R12.20/$ for all invoices which will be processed from the 1st June 2018

April 2018

Just a quick update on the macadamia market place. Our sales have gone well and we are currently committed above our initial offer price made in March both on exchange Rate and our Dollar sales prices. As per usual this upside will be passed onto the growers in the profit share/agterskot. Although there is a way to go in the season we are highly optimistic that we will again deliver an excellent return to our grower base for the 2018 season.

8th March 2018

I sincerely hope you have all stayed abreast of the huge changes proposed by members from Golden Macadamia to SAMAC. Green Farms Nut Company has stayed neutral on these proposals, since Statutory Levies are paid by farmers, and we have no option but to be obliged to deduct the levy and facilitate the payments to SAMAC.

February 2018

2018 has kicked off in full force and we are once more delighted to share with you positive updates from the market place. Demand remains resilient and consumption of macadamias continues to rise. We forecast a buoyant 2018 and look forward to seeing growers at the offer meeting in March to deliver good news.