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Green & Gold Macadamias contributes significantly to the success of Green Farms Nut Co. What makes it so successful?

Our marketing partner, Green & Gold Macadamias, is focused on building a sustainable market for the future. This is supported by a strategic network of processors that ensures year-round supply stability for customers. They sell in every global market and this approach manages risk on behalf of farmers.
Their processors are based in Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Kenya and Malawi. All manufacturing facilities are regularly audited by independent authorities to ensure compliance, and to guarantee food safety and consistency in product grade, quality, and specifications.

Visit the Green & Gold Macadamias website – www.greenandgoldmacadamias.com

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Supply security:

A wide geographic spread of processors, decreases risk in terms of crop failures and therefore secures supply volumes. This also makes shipping more efficient by utilising the different locations in a smart way, decreasing our carbon footprint.

Cost saving:

Green & Gold Macadamias is a cost centre and not profit-driven. This means that more profits filter down to the different processing partners and ultimately the growers.

Servicing the globe, timeously:

With agents based in each major time zone, we ensure that our customers are well-looked after with no time-zone delays.


Green Farms Nut Co. has full traceability back to growers since we process nuts in batches. That means we keep each grower’s product separate throughout our process, as far as possible. That also means we don’t pay our farmers based on a sample, but based on actual results, providing full assurance of value for money.

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