Our Growers

“Farmers are our lifeline. Since inception over 30 years ago, our business has been built through loyal relationships with our growers”

Green Farms Nut Co. Growers

Farmers are our lifeline. Since inception over 30 years ago, our business has been built through loyal relationships with our growers. Our business model, which endorses freedom of choice, means that our growers choose us because they want to, not because they have to. This forces us to provide the best possible service and price returns. Our growers are passionate about what they do. Our growers are green!

Why Growers Choose Us

Our Vision
We have always had a long-term focus, which is reflected in our continued expansion of processing capacity as well as our diversified sales spread. We are also in touch with market and consumer trends, and a good example is our investment into a pasteurising facility which gives us a strong advantage in the marketplace.

Our Transparent Model
We have a simple commission-based pool model, which is an incentive for us to achieve higher prices. Furthermore, our payments for processed nuts are not based on samples and growers get rewarded for good quality nuts. Because we keep each batch separate, we are able to reconcile actual prices achieved per style, per grower. Our price offer is usually conservative so we have something to base our interim payments on, but the final prices and exchange rate benefits are passed on to the grower in the form of an “Agterskot”. Our growers are welcome to visit our factories and they especially appreciate to see their own crops being processed. We have nothing to hide and welcome any questions and feedback.

Our Prices
Green Farms Nut Co. has a track record of top and consistent returns year on year. Prices are determined by a multitude of factors. Our market share and economies of scale assist to keep costs to a minimum. On the other hand our sales and marketing partner, Green & Gold Macadamias is major part of our success.

Our Service
Our efficient departments all function like a well-oiled machine – from quality, production, pasteurising, packaging to our logistics teams that make sure our customers receive their orders on time. We have a strong technical and grower liaison team that look after our growers, as well as their trees. We assist growers with inbound logistics arrangements, as well as various agricultural technical aspects such as cultivar choices, soil health, pest control, pruning etc through various communication platforms.

Our Sales and Marketing
Green Farms Nut Co. is a co-founder member of Green and Gold Macadamias. Green & Gold Macadamias is a separate company which operates as a cost centre and not a profit-centre and all its expenses are covered by its various processor partners, while their reach and reputation in the marketplace ensure excellent returns.

Our Values and Culture
Our inclusive, warm, welcoming culture is part of our values and translates into the service experience growers have. Transparency is a favourite and something we are proud of. Refer to our values HERE.

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400 Growers in a 3 300 km span


3 Processing Plants, plus a Napasol Pasteurising facility, all FSSC 22 000 Food Safety Accredited