Our Process

Technical Support

Macadamia trees are grown sustainably with patience and care. Our growers have access to our technical support to ensure good quality gets produced on-farm.

Harvesting and curing

Macadamias are harvested, dehusked and cured to about 8-10% kernel moisture content.

Delivery to factories

Nuts are delivered to our factories using our provided transport or by the growers themselves. A delivery note containing the batch information, weight received and the moisture content is received immediately or within 24 hours after delivery.

Sample analysis

Samples are taken at delivery and are analysed in our laboratory to give us and the grower an early quality indication. Batches are kept separate and our growers get paid on actual results, not on estimates based on samples.

Market fit

A decision is made, based on the sample, to determine whether a batch will get cracked, or packed as nut-in-shell, depending on what will earn the most income for our growers.

Cracking and sorting

Nuts get cracked where kernel and shell is separated, followed by strict sorting to remove any defects and to group them according to different styles (sizes).


Just before packing product into our world-renowned Green & Gold Macadamias-branded cartons, our product is pasteurised. All this effort to produce safe, excellent quality and healthy product for consumers around the globe!